First prize: The Vértex cup
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2.30 pm, solo skaters
6.00 pm, race start
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7.20 pm
2.10 am
4.30 am
7.40 am
12 am, solo finish
3.15 pm
6 pm, race finish


Vértex 24h - 2007

A 24 hour ice skating race for teams and solo skaters in Östersund 9 - 10 March 2007

- At Östersunds trotting-track.
- One lap = 1 km.
- One class for teams, one class for solo skaters.
- Maximum 12 skaters per team (one member on the track at the time).
- Winner: the team respectively solo skater which/who skated most laps in 24 hours.

Vértex 24h Östersund 2007
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