Frankfurt Euro Marathon 2001, prize
Age class prize
won by me at
Frankfurt Euro Marathon

Frankfurt Marathon 28 Oct 2007 - only one inline skater

Frankfurt Marathon 2005.
(Old photo, Frankfurt Marathon 2005.)
(Photo published by courtesy of Frank Räcker.)

  I participated in the Frankfurt Inline Marathon for the six last years but because of the diminishing number of participating inline skaters the inline part now has been cancelled.

Frankfurt Inline Marathon, medals.

Since I happened to be in Frankfurt I watched the runners - and I saw one inline skater!

Frankfurt Marathon 2007.
With totally 18 255 participating runners (in different categories) Frankfurt Marathon is the
third largest marathon in Germany.

Frankfurt Marathon 2007.  Frankfurt Marathon 2007.
And here is the inline skater! It is Andreas Arnold with whom I've been fighting for the finish line a few times.

Frankfurt Inline Marathon, medals.
Old memories: Frankfurt Inline Marathon medals 2001 - 2006.

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