Mallorca inline skating


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Day 1, tour 1
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Inline skating on Mallorca, April 2001

In April 2001 around 25 swedish skaters (ca 40 persons including families) and Kathie Fry went to Mallorca for a week of skating. During the 7 days I went on 11 tours and skated 500 km, only defeated by Johan who skated 520 km.

While skating I took a lot of photos. The thing I learned by that is that you either are a skater or a photographer, the roles are difficult to combine. Skaters move and my old camera without autofocus is heavy, especially with the 200 mm lens on.

In these pages you can see some of my photos and descriptions of the routes we skated.

Mallorca inline skating
Mallorca 2001.

Day 1, tour1

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