Skate & Rail Ultra 2012

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Skate & Rail Ultra 2012
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Skate & Rail Ultra 2012      28 July - 8 August

1167 km* in 12 days

*According to the "main GPS". Railway transfers not included.

A wonderful event privately organized by Michael Seitz. No competition, just vaccation. Thanks Michael!

Skate & Rail Ultra 2012, route map made by Michael Seitz.
Map used by courtesy of Michael Seitz.

Skate & Rail Ultra 2012

Back row:   Urs Bigler (CHE), Axel Vöhringer (GER), Armin Bluck (GER), Thorsten Lühn (GER), Linda Bigler (CHE),
Rob Jager (NLD) - altering with Véronique.
Front row:   Ulf Haase (SWE), Michael Seitz (GER), Otto Gastel (GER), Martin Honikel - bicycle 5 days, (GER).
Right column:   Anneke Oosterhof (NLD), Véronique Op het Veld (NLD) - altering with Rob, Bernd Gutöhrlein (GER),
Herbert Tentler (GER) - escort car.

(All photos taken by me.)

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