Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2015

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= 1787 km

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2015. An origial wheel from the tour, a memory crafted by Bernd Gutöhrlein.


Ultra Skate Challenge 2015       16 - 29 August

1787 km in 14 days, 16 - 29 August
A spectacular event privately organized by Micha Seitz. No competition, just vaccation.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2015, route map made by Michael Seitz.
Map used by courtesy of Michael Seitz.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2015
The "main group".

Back row:   Otto Gastel, Bernd Mathar, Martin Honikel (bike), Mathias Feßler, Ax Vöhringer, Ulf Haase.
Front row:   Sabine Mägdefessel (bike), Bart Vanderbeke, Micha Seitz, Benno Forster, Claudia Dubourg, Armin Bluck,
Peter Schmidl, Bernd Gutöhrlein.
(Photo taken with self timer.)

"Guest skaters":
Markus Praschl (10 days), Peter Berx (7), Severin Hanning (7), Hans-Georg Rudorff (6½), Alain Segers (6),
Pieter Neuvel (5), Sylvia Ordowski (4½), Brigitte Zeh (3½), Antje Fischer (3½), Dietmar Heidingsfeld (1)
+ Kurt Karneboge on bike (4½) and Sven Mägdefessel on bike (1).

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2015
Organizer Micha Seitz had planned the whole tour in detail. He had reconnoitred the whole track including searching for
the missing links between the parts. He had also figured out where the best places for the escort cars to stop were
and had booked the hotel rooms. And, and, and. Thanks Micha!

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2015
Our helping heroes 1: Herbert Tentler and Siggi Melanchthon who drove the escort cars.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2015
Our helping heroes 2: Sabine Mägdefessel and Martin Honikel who escorted us on bicykles.

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