Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2016

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= 668 km


Ultra Skate Challenge light 2016    München -> Verona    21 - 27 August

668 km in 7 days, 21 - 27 August
A privately organized event. No competition, just vaccation.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2016, route map.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2016
Martin Honikel (bike), Bernd Mathar, Willy Ruygh (escort car), Bernd Gutöhrlein, Benno Forster, Hamid Ongha,
Antje Fischer, Otto Gastel, Barbara Dörrer, Micha Seitz, Peter Schmidl, Ulf Haase.
(Photo taken with self timer.)

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2016
The organizers Bernd Gutöhrlein, Benno Forster and Peter Schmidl. Thank you!

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2016
Our helping hero Willy Ruygh who drove the escort car.

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