Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2023.

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Day 1103 km
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Day 3129 km
Day 4136 km
Day 5112 km
Day 6128 km
Day 799 km
Day 859 km
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Day 1091 km
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Day 1477 km
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= 1514 km


Ultra Skate Challenge 2023

Inline skating 1514 km in 14 days
France -> Luxembourg -> Germany -> Belgium -> The Netherlands -> Belgium -> France

30 July - 12 August. A privately organized event. No competition, just vaccation.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2023, route map.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2023

Back row: Ulf Haase, Lars Ramelow, Bernd Gutöhrlein, Bernd Mathar, Ulla Hingst, Michael Seitz, Stanislav Pokorny, Endres Neumann, Jürgen Lutz, Christian Horstmann.
Front row: Olaf Uhlig, Otto Gastel, Peter Schmidl, Julika Baseda, Anita Zimmermann, Martin Keil, Mathias Effpunkt.
Photo: K. Tasch with my mobile phone camera.

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2023
Organizer Micha Seitz had planned the whole tour in detail. He had reconnoitred the whole track including searching for the missing links between the parts. He had also figured out where the best places for the escort cars to stop were and had booked the accommodations. And, and, and. Thanks Micha!

Ultra Skate Challenge (USC) 2023
Thanks to Kalle Tasch and Siggi Melanchthon who drove the escort cars and served us in all kind of issues.

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